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Good Word Society chairman Hassan Bu Hazza'a said that the award has become one of the most important voluntary work awards at the GCC and Arab levels.
The film directed by Nikhil Advani and produced by DAR motion pictures and Emmay Entertainment, didn't do well at the box office on day one despite good word of mouth.
Why can't all horses win as easily as he did, it's better for the ticker Cheltenham preview Looking forward to meeting Ruby Walsh and Davy Russell at Waterford on Thursday night provided, of course, I can get through a barrage of Guinness the day before What a load of twaddle Good word twaddle, probably my favourite one at the moment, and neatly sums up how everyone should feel about the ongoing John Terry saga.
While I am happy to remember the fact that someone never maligned someone else, I am even happier when a family tell me that their loved one "always had a good word to say about others.
A good example of a bad one is Alan Hansen - the next time he has a good word for an English team will be the first.
They just haven't got one good word to say about him.
There is much to be done without procrastinating on this issue, like proclaiming the Gospel and shouting out the good word to fill our churches.
Colors is a pretty good word, a little left of your typical wall tag.
It was, to quote the kids, "mint" (which is a pretty good word when I think about what we spent ")
It's the true story of John Groberg who, at 19, treks to the remote jungle Island of Tonga to spread the good word.
The secretary was so impressed, she asked the man if she could put in a good word about him to his supervisor.
So almost imperceptibly the mainstream media began to interlard (a good word, by the way) hot features into their real news.