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Keystone CEO Robert Vince describes the three as, respectively, the jock, the goofball and the baby.
Insanely offensive - and funny - comedy from the Farrelly brothers, pushing their goofball Dumb & Dumber formula to sordid extremes.
I hear wage demands of pounds 150,000 a week from the Brazilian goofball are no problem for Roman Abramovich but he's drawn the line at free dental treatment.
In Japan, however, Kitano's movies take a backseat to his status as a goofball comedian and media personality.
The Gallic goofball wrote his name into golfing folklore by paddling to a triple-bogey seven at the 72nd in 1999 when he needed a six to win the Claret Jug.
If there's ever a time when a guy needs a line from a movie to survive, it's when he's faced with that awkward silence sitting next to another goofball who's also been abandoned on that stupid couch in the women's underwear department at Macy's, each waiting for his wife to finally come out of the dressing room.
HOLLYWOOD funnyman Adam Sandler had revellers at a London club in stitches when he treated them to a performance of his special goofball dance moves.
The Hollywood funnyman had revellers at a London club in stitches when he treated them to his goofball dance moves.
This 20-song set lines up such chestnuts as ``I Saw Three Ships,'' ``O Holy Night'' and ``I Have a Little Dreidel'' and hoses them down with this Canadian pop group's signature goofball approach.
Spaz' is offensive in Britain but in the States means goofball (according to an American Embassy goofball).
Goofball American comic Adam Sandler is the unhappy Happy.
The 15-track set was written and produced by the goofball rap trio - Michael ``Mike D'' Diamond, Adam ``Ad-Rock'' Horovitz and Adam ``MCA'' Yauch - who recently appeared at the MTV Movie Awards to perform the lead single, ``Ch-Check It Out.