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A name for 10 to the power googol.
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The number represented in base-ten by a one with a googol zeroes after it.
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(GOOGLE comPLEX) Google's headquarters in Mountain View, CA. The name has two meanings: firstly, it is the combination of Google and the company's headquarters (the complex), and secondly, it is a takeoff on the mathematical term "googolplex," spelled "g-o-l," not "g-l-e." A googolplex is 10 to the power of googol, written as 10googol. See googol and Google.


An extremely large number. The term was coined by Milton Sirotta, a young nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner (1878-1955), who said a googol was 1 followed by 100 zeros (10100). Since a googol is so large that it encompasses everything in the universe and then some, it just means a "gargantuan amount." An even larger amount is a googolplex. See Googleplex and Google.
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Josef Pieper's philosophic writings from 1966 are particularly enlightening when read in light of what has become the mass phenomenon of ersatz transcendence in the googolplex of technology:
"Do you know what a googolplex is?" he said to everyone, but looked at me.
Kassner followed it up with a much larger number, the GOOGOLPLEX, which equals 10 to the GOOGOL power, which equals 10 to the 10 to the 100th power, which equals 1 followed by a GOOGOL of zeros.
To those not steeped in mathematics, the name Google doesn't appear to inspire confidence fit actually derives from googolplex (the number 1 followed by 1,000 zeroes).
Hollywood knows just as the GOP does that family sanctity is easy to sell, and so it is sold in movies frequently enough, but moviemakers also know that narratives configured on the whomp `n' stomp of free markets play like death at the googolplex. In terms of economic scenarios, radical idealism has a much more heroic through-line and an agreeably palpable sense of justice.
They soon become acquainted with one billion ([10.sup.9]), one trillion ([10.sup.12]), googol ([10.sup.100]), and googolplex ([10.sup.googol] or [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
Of course, the mathematical community being peopled largely by nerds with a killer competitive streak (they're all after the same funding from half a dozen corporations, don't forget) it wasn't long before someone else (whose name history has not seen fit to record) came up with the idea of the googolplex.
Suppose like Mellor we consider a population of 20 x (10 to the power of [10.sup.100]) --20 Gs (G for googolplex)--divided 50/50 between chair sitters and non-chair sitters.
If you have, say, a googolplex cans, that's even better.
To perform voice search: Speak out, "Ok Google, What is Googolplex?"
CUNA's online vehicle to reach young people, an education package, "Googolplex: The Credit Union Guide for Student Money Makers," is gaining new ground this summer with apparent heightened interest among elementary students, preteens and teenagers.
Kasner also defined a much larger number, the googolplex, which is 1 followed by a googol of zeros.