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a forest-zone climatobalneological health resort in Sverdlovsk Oblast, RSFSR, on the shore of the Pyshma River, 106 km from Sverdlovsk and 4 km from the Kunara railroad station.

Summers at Kur’i are moderately warm, with July temperatures averaging 17°C; winters are moderately cold, with January temperatures averaging – 16°C. Precipitation averages 430 mm yearly.

Kur’i offers such remedies as mildly chalybeate waters (used in the preparation of man-made carbonic-acid and hydrogen-sulfide baths) and silt and peat muds. Treatment is available for circulatory, respiratory (nontubercular), and neurological ailments. Facilities include a sanatorium, a balneopelotherapy center, an electric cradle center, and a bioclimatic station.