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see anglerangler
or anglerfish,
common name for a member of the order Lophiiformes, predacious fishes found worldwide; many are deep-sea dwellers. Anglers lure their prey with a long, wormlike appendage that extends forward and dangles over the mouth.
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Hemoglobin properties and polymerization in the marine teleost, Lophius americanus (goosefish).
Other fishes caught but not counted were goosefish, red hake Urophycis chuss (Walbaum), silver hake Merluccius bilimaris (Mitchill), smallmouth flounder Etropus microstomus (Gill), and Atlantic torpedo ray Tetronarce nobiliana (Bonaparte).
(2016b) demons-trated that three gillnet fisheries (i.e., directed at whitemouth croaker, blackfin goosefish and codling, respectively) have been operating in a fragile economic and financial performance, which could only margi-nally improve if submitted to management actions involving reductions on the length of the fishing sets.
Although there is precedent for combining plural modifiers with nouns to form compound modifying words (e.g., 'spottedtail goosefish', 'spottedfin tonguefish', and 'stripedfin ronquil') in Robins et al.
A MONKFISH is a large, frightful looking fish that goes by many names - angler fish, lotte, bellyfish, frogfish, sea devil, stargazer, bulldog, and goosefish. While only the tail is edible, it is firm, sweet, low in fat, and frequently compared to lobster.
The latter were authorized to fish in Brazilian waters as part of a national deep-sea fishing development policy, allowing increasing catches of a few valuable finfish and shellfish species, namely: blackfin goosefish (Lophius gastrophysus), hake (Merluccius hubbsi), codling (Urophycis mystacea), argentine squid (Illex argentinus), deep-sea crabs (Chaceon spp.) and deepsea shrimps (Family Aristeidae).
Higher densities of flounders, hakes, and dogfish were found in the HOV surveys, and density of goosefish was greater in the TCS surveys.
The majority of landings occur in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and are primarily derived from bottom trawl and gillnet vessels that fish for a mix of groundfish species including Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua; flounders (Pleuronectidae); and goosefish, Lophius americanus (NEFMC, 2010).
In the mix of sea lettuce and other red and brown seaweeds, sea perch, skate, wolf fish, sea robins, hake, scup, rock crabs and goosefish find their way into our traps.