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A misfeature of a system, especially a programming language or environment, that tends to breed bugs or mistakes because it both enticingly easy to invoke and completely unexpected and/or unreasonable in its outcome.

For example, a classic gotcha in C is the fact that

if (a=b) code;

is syntactically valid and sometimes even correct. It puts the value of "b" into "a" and then executes "code" if "a" is non-zero. What the programmer probably meant was

if (a==b) code;

which executes "code" if "a" and "b" are equal.
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It was set in the fictional village of Crinkley Bottom and awarded Gotcha Oscars for celebrities pranked by the show, covered guests in vats of slime in the gunge tank and turned a giant pink blob character with yellow spots into a national celebrity.
Explaining how ethics complaints are handled, the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility (OLPR) has assured Minnesota lawyers, "This is not a gotcha game."[ii] On the other hand, OLPR takes the position that discipline may be imposed, "regardless of whether an innocent oversight is to blame, [because] a rule violation is a rule violation regardless of how technical it may seem."[iii] I regard a "gotcha" as a discipline imposed on a basis that many lawyers would not anticipate, or for an excessively trivial, technical rule violation.
However, self-collection is one of the thorniest of all e-discovery gotchas. Self-collection may be appropriate in some limited and controlled circumstances, but where multiple sources, diverse data types, or large volumes of data are involved, trying to cut costs on the front end often results in downstream pitfalls that can be costly to overcome.
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That the ICS button was right next to the AFCS release was one of those "gotchas," no doubt, but that's no excuse to tie the record for low flight over water at night.
Of special interest are that chapters specifically addressing "Updates Using Patches"; How-Tos, Tips, and Gotchas"; "Tools and Futures".
One of the biggest mistakes married women make is failing to prepare for the "gotchas," says Marilyn Bergen, a certified financial planner with CMC Advisers in Portland, Oregon.
Otherwise it won't just be this once that it wakes up feeling like the victim of one of Noel's Gotchas.
"Would-be Morgans of the information highway may find that there are plenty of technical gotchas which give folks like us the edge"