gouge slip

gouge slip, oilstone slip, slipstone

A shaped oilstone for sharpening gouges or shaped chisels.
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Due to similar observations of six AE sensors by critical discrimination, the frequency range of the Nano30 sensor is much larger than that of R15a sensor; therefore, the Nano30 sensor with the relatively large frequency range of 125-750 kHz on the upper forcing block was selected to analyze the AE characteristics during gouge slip and friction.
Variations of Displacement State Associated with Gouge Slip at Different Stages.
Interestingly, the foregoing stability and stable sliding embedded in the stick-slip stage disturb the regular sequence of simulated fault gouge slip. Maybe, the interference of "stability" is generated by particle compaction and equidistribution again due to surface defects such as significant roughness of forcing blocks where the slip position reaches.