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Ginger root has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used as one of the many different treatments for gout relief.
Although a gout attack usually hits the base of the big toe, it can affect any of your joints -- ankles, knees, elbows, wrists or fingers.
"Gout can be a serious problem in women, and women should be more aware of it," says Theodore Fields, MD, a rheumatologist at the Weill Cornell-affiliated Hospital for Special Surgery.
Gout is a chronic, progressive inflammatory form of arthritis that is caused by excess uric acid in the body, and needs to be managed aggressively.
Gout tophi can reach large size when neglected and can cause painless joint limitation.
This study indicates that even for people who have only had one or two prior gout flares, urate-lowering therapy to reduce serum urate below 6 mg/dl may have benefit in reducing future flares.
One third (33%) of the patient population represented by this Phase 2 data, and only 27% of all current patients in the SEL-212 trial, experienced gout flares during the first month after treatment, with continued reduction of gout flare rates over months two to five.
There were 254,982 hospitalizations for gout (mean age, 66.7 years; 66.4% men) and 323,649 hospitalizations for RA (mean age, 61 years; 21.5% men) between GOUT Would a 'door-to-needle'time campaign help?
According to a study conducted by the Keele University, gout is not associated with an increased risk of fracture.
Gout is the most common inflammatory arthritis with increasing prevalence over recent decades in some Western countries including the UK and USA.