grade school

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elementary school, grade school

An educational institution which offers instruction usually from the first year through the sixth or eighth year of schooling.
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On the other hand, it justifies elimination from our history syllables if Liberia history is not taught in Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, European grade schools. In other words, what should we promote their history when ours has nothing to do with instilling or transmitting patriotic consciousness in their societies?
The purpose of this study was to (a) examine the relationship of school principals and the nutritional environment of middle grade schools through an analysis of the affective, social, and educational factors that may contribute to dietary behavior among students, and (b) assess the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of middle grade school principals regarding their role as it relates to student dietary behavior.
I would note that over 60 percent of the population in the Catholic grade school sector acquire eight years of schooling in a Catholic grade school.
205) brought to mind a remark I learned in grade school decades ago.
Principal Bill Grafton and Assistant Principal David Kaiser reported that the HVAC project at the Grade School is complete and working well.
Former presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda belittled Malacanang's new oust-Duterte matrix as 'The Grade School Matrix.'
Elementary schools within the district are Ruggles Lane Elementary School in Barre, Hardwick Elementary School in Hardwick, Hubbardston Center School in Hubbardston, Oakham Center School in Oakham and the New Braintree Grade School. All elementary schools serve Grades kindergarten through sixth, with the exceptions of Oakham and New Braintree.
Highly recommended especially for grade school library collections and public library children's collections.