grade school

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elementary school, grade school

An educational institution which offers instruction usually from the first year through the sixth or eighth year of schooling.
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How do middle grade school principals perceive their role as leaders in promoting nutritional health among students?
I would note that over 60 percent of the population in the Catholic grade school sector acquire eight years of schooling in a Catholic grade school.
IT IS IRONIC THAT ONE OF OUR RELATIVES HAD TO QUIT TEACHing at a Catholic grade school because she needed the public school teacher's salary to afford the Catholic high school tuition for her own children.
Nimitz 9th Grade School is an urban campus within the Aldine School District in Houston Texas.
Both the Energy For Children Series and the Energy In Action Series are very strongly recommended for all grade school science teachers and homeschooling parents (a Teacher's Guide" is included and is also available on line, as is the Investigation Data Sheet).
I went to school with the same 20 kids - from grade school through our senior year.
An invaluable and very worthwhile addition to any grade school or community library "Pets/Wildlife" reference collection, the individual titles comprising this highly recommended nature series includes: Dangerous Creatures Of The Grasslands (1583407-650, $18.
SANTA CLARITA - Northpark Community Church, which now meets in a storefront in Saugus, is planning a new sanctuary and grade school in Valencia's Rye Canyon Business Park.
A lack of education especially influenced the length of time off work for workers with only a grade school education.
Decades Of The 20th Century is informative, "user friendly", and a core acquisition grade school, community library, and home-schooling 20th century world history reference collections.
The only way to get beyond it is to understand,'' said Sherrills, who left the Jordan Downs project-based Grape Street gang after seeing a ninth grade school chum shot in the head.
Rite Aid shelves are stocked with the hippest supplies needed to begin the new school year, whether you're in grade school or grad school, on the right foot.