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A study by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's Research and Technology Organisation found that: "The automotive performance of hybrid electric vehicles in terms of speed, acceleration, gradeability and stealthy operations is superior to the performance of mechanically driven vehicles .
As part of its rough-terrain capabilities, the Genie Z-60/37 FE offers 45% gradeability, 33cm of ground clearance, and is capable of travelling 25% faster than other typical diesel-powered units.
Minimum gradeability: Gradeability is defined as the highest grade a vehicle can ascend maintaining a particular speed.
When constructing a series of technology packages which substitute various engines and transmissions it is important to assure that there is reasonable gradeability and drivability across simulations.
In the previous study, the gradeability and maximum speed requirements were translated into the electric machine design constraints, where high torque at low speed and high speed operations were required.
The robust, high-output engine offers acceleration, gradeability and travel speed on tough terrains or slopes.
The TA400 is engineered to provide maximum rim-pull and gradeability for negotiating inclines, and with its high range in the drop box for high-speed hauls and a large body capacity designed for high retention, this articulated truck offers customers an excellent cost-to-value ratio.
Integrated drive and pump motors produce responsive acceleration, gradeability, fast travel and lift speeds, and durability.
The ground clearance is 200 mm, with 26 degree gradeability.
3 liter V6 LP engine that provides greater acceleration, better gradeability and faster travel speed on slopes.
Able to negotiate slopes of up to 33 percent, the SD75 drum frame design offers better, more effective gradeability.