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(17.) CIL IV 2203 lists a fragmentary second line, but I am not convinced that it is in the same hand as the first line of the graffito. The second line of CIL IV 2198 is indecipherable, being variously transcribed as //abenda by Zangemeister and valentes by Fiorelli (both at CIL IV 2198).
(21.) This graffito might function as invective, if we take it in light of Martial's epigrams (see especially 9.4) that associate a high cost for sexual service with marginal sexual acts (being penetrated or performing oral sex; see Panciera 2001, 46-8).
(22.) This graffito could also fall under the formula involving boasts ofjutui.
(31.) The hierarchy between the graffito reader and Batacarus is complicated, however, by the reader's seeming status as someone who has accepted money for sex (as one of the referees has brought to my attention).
(38.) The meaning of the latter part of the graffito is unclear.