grain alcohol

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grain alcohol:

see ethanolethanol
or ethyl alcohol,
CH3CH2OH, a colorless liquid with characteristic odor and taste; commonly called grain alcohol or simply alcohol. Properties

Ethanol is a monohydric primary alcohol. It melts at −117.
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grain alcohol

[′grān ′al·kə‚hȯl]
(organic chemistry)
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Also known as ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol, the chemical enjoys unprecedented raves in the media, with bipartisan political support, as the potential fuel of the future.
With regards to transportation fuels, let's begin with Ethanol, the clear liquid which is essentially grain alcohol derived mainly from corn, but also from sugarcane, beets and potatoes.
When many of us think of whisky (Scottish brands are spelled without the "e"), we might think of a sinus-clearing harsh grain alcohol that has little flavor and a lot of fire.
Army to help develop fuel cells powered by ethanol and grain alcohol.
Ethanol is a grain alcohol produced from such crops as corn and soy.
It's reputed to have been a favourite of Lord Nelson, and uses a secret Spanish family recipe using wine alcohol rather than grain alcohol.
Yes, ethanol is ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol, the same ingredient found in beer and whiskey.
The ten per cent solution was like drinking wine, while the pure ethanol was equivalent to 200-proof grain alcohol.
Add 8 oz 100 proof Vodka, or, add to 4 oz pure grain alcohol (from the liquor store) and 4 oz pure water.
Cover the ground or minced herbs with vodka of pure grain alcohol.
Look on labels for safer and more eco-friendly ingredients such as grain alcohol as a solvent, and natural plant oils (olive, palm, pine, coconut, eucalyptus, citrus, peppermint, or lavender) as a soap base.