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It was also important that when weld dressing, the system would grind back excessive welds and result in the same finish and the same grain direction as the welds' surrounding areas.
Fully integrated support for edge banding with pre-mill allowance, control over top side, and grain direction.
Before the finished inlay is pressed and lacquered, checks are made under magnification to ensure that the fit of each piece is perfect and that aesthetically the grain direction and sand shading are even and consistent.
Tenders are invited for Commercial Rubber Blanket Size - 496X636mm 4Ply Colour Green Brand - Phonic Or Cow Grain Direction Towards 496Mm
Together, these directions form the grain direction map.
Before cutting out a garment, it's important to distinguish when the grain direction is critical and when it's not.
Parts can be selected from the screen or a kit of parts, and their orientation fixed where grain direction needs to be maintained, or rotated to any angle.
Use the corner of the blade, and keep the blade parallel to the grain direction.
As the conductor becomes stretched and relaxed, it can "work harden" and eventually crack along the grain direction.
The sample is set at the begining with its grain direction parallel to the trolley movement.
The sound board area on the clavichord was huge, and the grain direction was on the diagonal rather than parallel to the front.
Plies of high density polyethylene film are laminated across each other during manufacture, resulting in extreme durability and tear-resistance without any grain direction.