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(graphic arts)
A mottled effect in film caused by clumping of the silver particles.



the inhomogeneity of a uniformly exposed and developed photographic layer observed in an enlarged photographic image. At high magnification the form of the primary blackening structure (microgranular structure) may be seen; it consists of individual silver “grains” which are produced by the reducing action of the developer on the microscopic crystals of silver halide in the photographic material. The size of the grains is usually greater than the size of the silver halide crystals from which they are formed, reaching several microns (μ). The secondary blackening structure, which itself is called graininess (also macrograininess, granularity, or photographic noise), is observed at low magnifications (5–30 ×). It is produced by the superposition of the projections of individual silver grains located at different depths of the very thin (7–26 μ) developed layer, by the combined reduction of several randomly adhering microscopic crystals of silver halide, and sometimes by the accretion of silver grains in the process of their formation during developing.

Graininess lowers the quality of a photographic image by reducing the aesthetic impression of still pictures produced by printing from a small negative and in motion-picture images on a screen by making it more difficult (or even impossible) to recognize fine details in complicated pictures, particularly technical photographs, and by complicating the microphotometric processing of spectrograms, astronomical photographs, and other kinds of special photographic images. Graininess is primarily determined by the size of the microscopic silver halide crystals; it increases sharply with the degree of exposure and development of the layer. However, it usually is not highly dependent on the composition of the developer. Photographic images produced on low-sensitivity materials with the smallest possible exposures and a low degree of development are the least grainy.


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Palate: Medium weight revealing toasted cashew nuts, caramel, grainy sweetness and ground black-pepper spice.
The project will cover the construction of a soft and grainy single phosphate fertilizer on an area covering 400,000 sq.
Roasty and grainy nose, you smell this, you think stout," said taster Gregg Glaser.
Instead, they sent a grainy black and white photocopied picture of accomplice Shezhad Tanweer - so badly cropped that parts of his face and marks on his hat were lost.
And you watch Ben Affleck, playing Reeves, in this grainy, black-and-white footage, and you have in 30 seconds a profoundly eloquent summation of the pitfalls of fame and the ways actors debase themselves in order to sustain a career.
A final grainy CCTV image of Robert, who was 35, has shown him walking through Kirkliston, West Lothian, in the early hours with a man.
He makes no attempt to hide the fact that Holylands is essentially a montage of surveillance-style videos: Shot in available light with a handheld digital video camera, his footage is often so grainy or murky that it's difficult to make out exactly what's going on, and his camera work and editing are jittery and abrupt.
Exfoliating with a grainy product reveals the new, healthy skin underneath.
Complaints about inappropriate content were sparked by autobiographical material culled from letters between Turner and his brother (who is serving a life sentence for murder), scalding personal essays on racism and politics, projected images of two dancers masturbating in a grainy '50s porn pastiche, and footage of the Nick Berg execution and indictments against the Bush administration.
This picture of what would become one of Newcastle's most famous stores may be somewhat grainy ( but that's understandable, as it dates back to the 1880s.
The facade of the new building will be composed of cast metal panels providing a textured and variegated silver-grey surface that will resonate with the grainy concrete exterior of the Breuer-designed building.
So for all the progress, I still sometimes long to turn on the TV and see a grainy shot of a half-nekked gal with a Harley between her legs.