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Then the slide was examined under microscope (Olympus CH-20, Japan) using oil immersion lens for the presence of intra and extra cellular gram-negative diplococci.
On December 4, gram-negative diplococci were identified in the patient's CSF at 9:30 a.
Indeed, gram-negative diplococci were found on the Gram stain.
A presumptive case was defined as detection of gram-negative diplococci in specimens from a normally sterile site (blood and CSF) in a person with classic symptoms who had close contact with a confirmed case-patient.
In 124 cases, Neisseria meningitidis was isolated from a normally sterile site (confirmed cases); in four cases, gram-negative diplococci were detected in specimens obtained from a normally sterile site or in persons who had classic symptoms after contact with a confirmed case (presumed cases).
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