Grand Cross

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Grand Cross (Cosmic Cross)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The configuration of a cross formed in a horoscope by four or more planets is referred to as a grand cross. Each planet successively makes a square (an aspect of 90°) to the preceding planet, and the planets directly across the chart from each other are involved in oppositions (180° aspects). Because astrological signs at 90° angles to each other belong to the same quality (cardinal, mutable, or fixed), grand crosses tend to involve planets in all four signs of one quality. Thus, grand crosses can be classified as cardinal crosses, mutable crosses, or fixed crosses (grand crosses that involve planets in signs of different qualities are referred to as mixed crosses).

Because all the aspects contained in a grand cross are hard aspects, an individual with such a configuration in her or his natal chart is presented with more challenges than the average person, and these natives sometimes feel “crucified” by life. On the other hand, once the challenges proffered by a grand cross have been adequately met, the individual becomes an unusually well integrated person, with the power to accomplish great tasks.