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in law, the unlawful taking and carrying away of the property of another, with intent to deprive the owner of its use or to appropriate it to the use of the perpetrator or of someone else. It is usually distinguished from embezzlementembezzlement,
wrongful use, for one's own selfish ends, of the property of another when that property has been legally entrusted to one. Such an act was not larceny at common law because larceny was committed only when property was acquired by a "felonious taking," i.e.
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 and false pretenses in that the actual taking of the property is accomplished unlawfully and without the victim's consent (see robberyrobbery,
in law, felonious taking of property from a person against his will by threatening or committing force or violence. The injury or threat may be directed against the person robbed, his property, or the person or property of his relative or of anyone in his presence at
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); along with the taking there must be a carrying-off. It is also distinguished from burglaryburglary,
at common law, the breaking and entering of a dwelling house of another at night with the intent to commit a felony, whether the intent is carried out or not. This definition has been generally adopted with some modifications in the criminal law of the various states
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 in that the theft does not necessarily involve unlawful breaking and entering. Statutes in some states of the United States enlarge the scope of larceny to include embezzlement and false pretenses. Grand larceny, usually a felonyfelony
, any grave crime, in contrast to a misdemeanor, that is so declared in statute or was so considered in common law. In early English law a felony was a heinous act that canceled the perpetrator's feudal rights and forfeited his lands and goods to the king, thus depriving
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, is distinguished from petty larceny, usually a misdemeanormisdemeanor,
in law, a minor crime, in contrast to a felony. At common law a misdemeanor was a crime other than treason or a felony. Although it might be a grave offense, it did not affect the feudal bond or take away the offender's property. By the 19th cent.
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, by the value of the property stolen.
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After the acquittal she was then charged with grand larceny over the same incident.
Lee, 43, and Cruz, 34, have been charged with a scheme to defraud and grand larceny through fortune-telling.
Some performers see Napster as a way to promote themselves, and embrace it; but large music publishers such as BMG have fought Napster as a tool for grand larceny of intellectual property.
Angel Ortiz, 19, was charged with grand larceny Monday.
Melaku had been charged with four counts of grand larceny last month after he was arrested for breaking into 27 cars in Leesburg, and stealing valuables.
Earlier in her career, Mackovjak served as a senior detective investigator and intelligence analyst in the New York County District Attorney's Office where she investigated a wide range of major offenses, including homicide, grand larceny, fraud, forgery, securities fraud, identity theft, sexual abuse and bid-rigging.
Vincent Armas was charged with grand larceny for allegedly taking the money in the form of deposits from three unrelated people for rental units at 416 East 13th Street, 343 Lexington Avenue between 39th and 40th streets, and 117 East 102nd Street.
Monto was indicted two weeks ago on felony charges of second-degree grand larceny and first-degree falsifying business records, according to Assistant District Attorney Beth Van Doren.
Robert Chiarappa, 45, has been indicted on multiple grand larceny charges.
JIMMY FORTUNE committed grand larceny on Newmarket's July course to propel Lucarno back to winning form.
So RJ plans a raid on the larders of the humans behind the hedge helped by his animals friends who remain ignorant of the real reason for the grand larceny.
NEW YORK - Jurors in the grand larceny trial of two former top executives of Tyco International Ltd.