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Sunday Mail doctor Gareth Smith said a grand mal seizure was usually a sign of epilepsy.
Last week, as I was putting my son to bed, he experienced what looked like a grand mal seizure.
On December 21, 1990, Jeff Schmalz, an assistant national editor at The New York Times, had a grand mal seizure in the paper's newsroom.
Louise was signed off work for two weeks after collapsing suffering from a grand mal seizure and lapsing into unconsciousness.
Alison Dale offers this advice to people on what to do when someone has a generalised tonic clonic or grand mal seizure.
A 54-year-old woman living at home but taking antidepressant medication to quell recurrent bouts of depression suddenly experienced a grand mal seizure.
Mary Jo, his mom, suffered a broken wrist and shrapnel injuries, while Kevin had a grand mal seizure.
After suffering from a grand mal seizure in high school, Connor was diagnosed with epilepsy.
In the ambulance, Troy suffered a grand mal seizure, his mom said.
Matthew Nelson Gray, or "Marry," 2, was born with Tuberous Sclerosis and at 13 months old he suffered a grand mal seizure that left him with hypoxic brain injury.
When Nurse Wilson turned to call an ambulance she became aware that her husband was having what she described as a grand mal seizure.
Rufus Hannah suffered a grand mal seizure this morning and was unable to participate in a press conference to announce that a civil suit was filed today against the individuals and entities associated with the making of Bum Fights: A Cause For Concern, Volume I.