grand piano

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grand piano

a form of piano in which the strings are arranged horizontally. Grand pianos exist in three sizes (see baby grand, boudoir grand, concert grand)

Grand Piano


a stringed, percussion keyboard instrument; a variety of the pianoforte. The strings, soundboard, and mechanism are placed horizontally. The grand piano is wing-shaped, conforming to the graduated length of the strings, which are attached to the body: the shorter the string, the higher the note; the longer the string, the lower the note.

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It'll just be me, a grand piano, lots of anecdotal silly stories and about 10 pieces from the album plus other stuff as well.
The new digital piano also features the Casio multi-dimensional morphing Acoustic & Intelligent Resonator (AiR) sound source, which recreates the nuanced tonal variations and lingering reverberations of a grand piano.
This concert grand piano, built in 1861, was specially commissioned by the owners of the Steamer Mary E.
Atrue piece of British rock history, the Monnow Valley Studios grand piano which was sold on eBay.
At your fingertips is the Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard, accurately re-creating the touch and response of a concert grand piano with 127 times the resolution of traditional keyboards.
The large central space, which is referred to as the Jazz lounge provides for the communal gathering space where staff, guest's visitors and musicians can meet, relax, interact and occasionally play music on the grand piano.
Yamaha's latest product is the AvantGrand, a size smaller than a grand piano.
WHEN hopeful residents at a Tyneside care home put out a bizarre request in the Chronicle for a donation of a baby grand piano, they thought they'd played a duff note.
A GRAND piano is set to take centre stage at Bedworth Civic Hall in a tribute to latter day 'piano men' like Sir Elton John, Billy Joel and Barry Manilow.
A STUNNING Steinway Grand piano that Sir Elton John has played on during many rehearsals and celebrity singalongs is due to be sold this month.
IF you think a karaoke machine is a bit OTT, then how about a white baby grand piano that plays itself?
Finally, composer Jose Maria Serralde made a dramatic sound track, played by a lone piano player whose reflection is captured in the shiny black lacquer of an adjacent baby grand piano fabricated by Bosendorfer (which sounds like "evil villages" in German).