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What does it mean when you dream about your grandmother?

Grandmothers are symbols of wisdom and caretaking. A grandmother in a dream can indicate that important life lessons are assuming a prominent role in the dreamer’s life. This symbol can also indicate a regression to childhood needs.

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Baby Isla Grace with dad Connor grandma Amanda, great-grandma Carol and great-greatgrandma Beryl
All poles were temporarily abandoned to inspect the catch, watching with pride as Grandma removed the hook and added the fish to the wire bag sunk in the water close to shore.
During the 1930s, on some Sunday evenings when I was ten, my father would take me and my mother to visit my grandma (his mother) in our Austin Seven.
Tell your mother that the subject of Grandma Kitty is off limits when she is with your daughter.
I remember that it was a very sad time in our family and my mum and grandma went to church every morning.
Grandma Aggie, however, believed her photo on the Story Chair could help change all that.
Illuminada Magtoto, also known as Grandma Nelly, took to YouTube challenging the threetime NBA champion to a oneonone basketball game.
Grandma is a picture book narrated by a boy called Oscar, who learns to adjust as his grandmother begins to develop dementia.
Grandma turned on the TV-set, and the reception was terrible.
The wattle tree has dark green leaves which are like a dress that Grandma used to wear, gentle curves which are like the curls in Grandma's hair, and yellow flowers that are as soft as Grandma's skin.
Unfortunately, it's becoming more and more apparent that Wall Street has no problem with gassing up the bus and backing it over Grandma and her cat.
It's completely understandable that taking care of your grandma can be frustrating.