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These enhancements create finer granulate, with minimum hole sizes in the screen of the second-stage granulator reduced from 0.
For Bolta, the rheological properties of the 400 pm size granulate with colour pigment in a wax carrier are not the only decisive factors in terms of homogenisation; shearing is also reduced by the pigment carrier and cleaning requirements when changing colours or moulds are reduced.
The granulate is also used as an additive to asphalt for road construction," said Jamal Abu Issa, president and CEO of Omnix International.
Key words: drying, humidity, granulate, mathematical mode
The Bekokat[R] special granulate is both economical and effective for an exceptionally long working period, only needing replacing after 20,000 operating hours.
New rotating end discs on the rotor reduce friction of granulate against the chamber walls, producing less heat and abrasion.
The company has a well-earned reputation for producing high quality reprocessed compound agglomerate and granulate in a variety of different plastics.
Removable scree, screen cradle and granulate catch-bin are door mounted and swing horizontally away from the rotor.
Engineered with an internal limit switch inside the fluff chamber, the PAC Granulate Feed System enslaves the unit to a granulator roll feeder to permit the simultaneous feeding of both edge trim and roll scrap.
This granulate can then be used for making new zippers, buttons or other polyester based goods for new Ecolog products.
New CD series granulators are intended especially to produce high-quality granulate from sprues generated in the production of optical storage media like CDs and DVDs.
The GR1600 granulator/grinder, fitted with two granulating and two grinding chambers, is specifically designed to both granulate steel-free rubber chips of up to 8 mm in size, without the overheating and low capacity problems generally encountered with the plastic granulators traditionally used by tire recyclers, according to the literature.