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A discrete nodular lesion of inflammatory tissue in which granulation is significant.



a focal growth of inflammatory origin in the cells of young connective tissue in the form of a small node.

Granuloma develops in connection with various (most often infectious) processes (tuberculosis, syphilis, leprosy, brucellosis, tularemia, actinomycosis), with collagenic diseases (such as rheumatism), and at the sites of entry of foreign bodies. Certain granulomas have more specific names, such as the tubercle in tuberculosis and the gumma in syphilis.

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The most common type of granuloma was tuberculous granulomas 63 (73.
We have shown that the 92% peri-apical granulomas and 8% radicular cysts diagnosed clinically and radiologically, turn out to be 77% peri-apical granulomas, 22% radicular cysts and 1% apical scar after histological examination.
A perivascular nonnecrotizing granuloma is a histopathologic feature of neurobrucellosis.
Poor granuloma structure is also known to be associated with disseminated disease.
Grade 4: Post-treatment specimen showing resolution of all granulomas or complete clearance of inflammatory infiltrate.
Fue hospitalizada con impresiones diagnosticas de herpes simples, enfermedad de Crohn, granuloma de Majocchi e infeccion por micobacterias atipicas.
Celulas tipo epitelioides tambien fueron encontrados por Manrique et al (8) cuando estudiaron la formacion de granulomas en P.
Graivier described his approach to granulomas as "very aggressive.
Occasionally, even after excellent reflux control (including fundoplication), surgical removal and steroid injection into the base of the granulomas, application of mitomycin C, and voice therapy, patients develop recurrent granulomas.
Hence, it can be concluded that, in case of nasal polyps or granulomas, surgery or electro cautery can be adopted at the earliest after ruling out nasal schistosomiasis.
AFB positivity was maximally seen in necrosis without epithelioid granulomas (73.
The management of umbilical granulomas with cryocautery.