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Some graphics coprocessor vendors are talking about having it both ways, adding more control and precision to their GPUs so that they can play in both the graphics and scientific markets (GPGPUs).
Via an Intel i860 RISC-based graphics coprocessor, it can display 16.
The controller for the Aficio 1055 is similar to one used in the Aficio 551 and 700 and uses PeerlessPage(TM) imaging that runs on a PowerPC 740 CPU with a Peerless QuickPrint(R) QP1910 graphics coprocessor.
Our new integrated chip design, which is based on the proven technology of IBM's PowerPC(TM) 405 core and Peerless' highly successful QuickPrint(R) graphics coprocessor, is the result of our dedicated focus on research and development in ASICs," said Gary Panzer, Peerless' Director of Silicon Strategy.
AdvanSys and AdvanSys-Pro integrate Peerless' new QP1910(TM) graphics coprocessor to provide highly efficient image processing for monochrome products up to 120 pages-per-minute (ppm), as well as for production class color printers and digital copiers.
A graphics coprocessor works with the ARM940T CPU to accelerate 2D drawing operations such as BitBlt, TextBlt and color expansion for fast screen updates.
OptiSys(TM) and OptiSys-Pro leverage Peerless' QuickPrint(TM) 1900 (QP1900(TM)) graphics coprocessor family to provide highly efficient processing of color images for the new low cost single-pass print engines at speeds of up to 25 color pages-per-minute (ppm).
The ALG2564 is the first PCI video/graphics processor integrating a 64-bit pipelined graphics coprocessor with all video functions.
The power of Digital's Alpha AXP technology with a highly optimized graphics coprocessor has been combined with Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.
Alongside the CPU are advanced, integrated graphics coprocessors (Intel[R] Iris[TM] Pro and HD Graphics) and key media features such as Intel Quick Sync Video (Figure 1).
The biggest changes in Snow Leopard, Apple says, are under the hood: a move to 64-bit processing for greater memory support, the implementation of two multiprocessing technologies (Grand Central Dispatch and OpenCL) so rewritten software applications can take better advantage of multicore processors and graphics coprocessors for faster performance, and revamped QuickTime video processing and Java processing engines.
Under the terms of the agreement, Marubun will sell Peerless' Quickprint(R) graphics coprocessors, the QP1910 and QP1940, to provide highly efficient image processing solutions for manufacturers of high-speed monochrome products and production class color printers and digital copiers.