graphics tablet

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graphics tablet

[′graf·iks ‚tab·lət]
(computer science)
A padlike peripheral device which is designed so that shapes appear on the monitor's screen when the tablet is drawn upon with a pointed device.
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digitizer tablet

A graphics drawing tablet used for sketching new images or tracing old ones. Also called a "graphics tablet," the user contacts the surface of the device with a wired or wireless pen or puck. Often mistakenly called a mouse, the puck is officially the "tablet cursor."

For sketching, either the pen or puck is used. For tracing, the puck is preferred because its crosshairs, visible through a clear glass lens, lets you precisely pinpoint ends and corners of detailed drawings.

Most tablets allow parts of the tablet surface to be customized into buttons that can be tapped to select menus and functions in the application.

Digitizer Mode and Mouse Mode
Tablets typically support two modes of operation. "Digitizer mode" creates a one-for-one correspondence between tablet and screen. Wherever the tablet is touched, the screen is drawn in the exact same location. In contrast, "mouse mode" moves the screen pointer (cursor) relative to any starting position on the tablet surface, just like an ordinary computer mouse.

The Output Is X-Y Coordinates
When drawing or tracing on the tablet, a series of x-y coordinates (vector graphics) are created, either as a continuous stream of coordinates, or as end points. See pen tablet, tablet PC and touchscreen.

Digitizer Tablet
Drawings created or traced on tablets are stored as mathematical line segments. Objects are drawn with a pen or puck, but are traced with the puck.

Digitizing Three Dimensions
The 3DRAW PRO 3D digitizer system from Polhemus records x, y and z coordinates of an object by touching its surfaces with a pen. It measures the tip position in 3D space and outputs directly to popular CAD and graphics programs. (Image courtesy of Polhemus, Inc.)
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If you are new to graphics tablets and if you don't have bundles of cash lying around to spend of professional standard software like adobe creative suite, Wacom have been kind enough to bundle the device with free software: Corel painter Essentials 6, Clip Studio paint Pro, and Corel Aftershot 3.
The unique features of Tablet PCs, graphics Tablets or digital pens allow the user to easily write symbolic and graphical information electronically, and provide the teacher with a tool to explore different paths to a solution, or to adjust a lecture based on audience reaction (Loch & Donovan, 2006).
For instance, you can use Matias's halfkeyboard([TM]) (left) to type with one hand as you tap directions on your PDA with the other--or draw on a graphics tablet. It will get you a lot of desk space back.
Although Eliot still draws her strip by dipping her pen into an inkwell, Olivia enhances it by drawing on a graphics tablet connected to the Macintosh 65 with the 21-inch monitor that Eliot bought last year.
You may already know that a tablet PC is a pen-enabled laptop computer; less familiar are the tablet PC's cousins--the graphics tablet and the interactive pen display.
Nowhere is this more intensely felt than in Graphics Tablet, 1998.
Promethean AV offers the lightweight Sharp XR-1S both in its own right and to compliment the company's wireless A5 graphics tablet.
f you want the natural feel of sketching with a pen plus the flexibility your PC provides, the USB Acecad Flair graphics tablet might make your day.
That night presenters also demonstrated a graphics tablet attachment that allows users to store handwritten notes on their PDA and a new Palm Pilot cellular phone developed by Sprint PCS that will expand the handheld computer's uses tremendously.
Wacom was showing its Intuos intelligent graphics tablet system with MetaCreations' first-rate painting program, Web Painter 5.5, which is now shipping as a stand-alone product.
The fully integrated system also enables users to switch effortlessly to a graphics tablet. SP2 converts Cantonese speech into both simplified or traditional Chinese characters.
Computers: Macintosh PowerPC 6100, Macintosh Quadra 650, with Radius 24-bit color card installed Monitor: Apple 20" color monitor Graphics Tablet: Wacom graphics tablet Digital Camera: Apple Computer, Inc.

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