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see pikepike,
common name for the family Esocidae, freshwater game and food fishes of Europe, Asia, and North America. The pike, the muskellunge, and the pickerel form a small but well-known group of long, thin fishes with spineless dorsal fins, large anal fins, and long, narrow jaws
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Grass pickerel were assumed to be associated with some type of habitat.
A total of 111 species was observed from 107 sites where grass pickerel were observed.
However, there was no linear relationship between grass pickerel catch and QHEI ([r.
Microhabitat analysis (n = 9 sites) indicated grass pickerel were always associated with either aquatic macrophytes (77%) or logs/woody debris (23%).
Because all sites (n = 125) evaluated contained grass pickerel, we examined the relationships between IBI and QHEI, and grass pickerel catch and QHEI to determine whether habitat factors were structuring the fish community and the catch of grass pickerel.
Values for all these factors, except temperature were significantly related to grass pickerel catch, but the relationships were biologically weak, with the possible exception of average stream width (Table 4).
Our findings in Indiana suggest grass pickerel may occur in communities of varying quality as measured by the Index of Biotic Integrity and the Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index (QHEI).