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land, such as a prairie, on which grass predominates



land occupied by vegetation used for making hay, senazh (a preserved feed made from sun-dried grasses), silage, and grass meal and for grazing livestock. It includes natural hayfields and pastures (also woodland and improved pastures), deer pastures, idle field temporarily used for forage purposes, and land covered with scrub or bogs, as well as cultivated pastures. In the USSR in 1971 hayfields covered 46.5 million hectares (ha), pastures 328 million ha, deer pastures about 343 million ha, idle fields 3.2 million ha, woodland hay-fields and pastures about 20 million ha, improved hayfields and pastures more than 9 million ha, and cultivated pastures about 1.5 million ha. Most of the hay and pasture fodder is obtained from natural grassland, although it is often low in productivity and requires improvement (cultivation). Cultivated hayfields and pastures produce high yields of good-quality forage.

In foreign countries where livestock raising is well developed, such as Denmark, the Netherlands, the Federal Republic of Germany, and the German Democratic Republic, all farmland is cultivated and used to produce the fodder needed. The natural grasslands of some European countries are mountain pastures (Switzerland, Austria, France) or areas covered with scrub and small forests (Finland, Sweden, Norway). There are extensive grasslands in Canada, the United States (prairie), Latin America, and the tropics (savanna).


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Any area of herbaceous terrestrial vegetation dominated by grasses and graminoid species.
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Additionally, the senator hosted former Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell in North Dakota on multiple occasions, where he pressed the chief to address ranchers concerns regarding grasslands management practices.
He won the Wales Grassland competition in 1978, the Wales Silage competition three times and the UK BGS National Silage competition in 1983 and 1995.
But if anybody can make grasslands interesting, Steffen can.
There are 600 ha of predominantly warm-season grassland (native and restored) embedded within the COA, with many more lands suitable for restoration.
The seasonally flooded grasslands are home to 11 species of threatened bird, including the Bengal florican, whose population has declined by 44 per cent in seven years due to habitat loss.
DEC currently manages more than 11,000 acres of grassland habitat on state Wildlife Management Areas, some of which are regularly used by short-eared owls.
On Tuesday of this week, a Bozeman-based group purchased the 150,000-acre South Ranch and plans to develop the grassland as a natural reserve.
The weather has become hot with strong wind in the grassland-covered region, posing fire risks for grassland fire.
Today all semi-natural calcareous grassland types are rare in Latvia, and are therefore protected both by national and European legislative acts.
Forty-six academics and researchers from Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America contribute 12 chapters examining various aspects of grassland biodiversity.
When the project started in 2003, the grassland held very little biodiversity or wildlife interest because it had been mowed regularly.
According to the study, which was carried out in Inner Mongolia, grassland produces more nitrous oxide during the spring thaw when sheep or cattle have not been grazing.