gravel board

gravel board, gravel plank

A board attached near the lower edge of a wood fencing so that the fencing does not touch the ground; prevents the lower end of the fencing from rotting.
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Next, put a concrete gravel board into the groove in the set fence post.
Use a tape measure to find the length of your final gravel board - remember to measure from inside the post grooves.
You need to build a raised bed to maybe 18 inches, any retaining gravel board is fine, as long as it is well secured.
The post height must be the panel height (and gravel board, see below) plus the amount to be secured into the ground - and you should plan on the latter being 45cm (18in).
The post height must be the total height of the panel, gravel board (see below) and the amount to be secured into the ground - usually 18in (45cm).
Ideally you should have it on a replaceable gravel board made of cheap timber or on a concrete gravel board to stop it rotting.
Mr Harrison of Kitts Green is looking for a plastic gravel board from Marshalls.
The firm specialises in all aspects of fencing and concrete solutions and manufactures gravel boards, concrete posts and fence panels, supplying both domestically and commercially.
While he says Keepmoat have agreed to foot the bill for fresh artificial turf he is unhappy with the appearance of the replacement fence and the gravel boards at the bottom.