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Delkontraktnummer: 2 Title: Kyrkjeb graveyard and Vadheim Graveyard
Now graveyard owner Nina Johnson-Perry fears the final resting place is about to be targeted again.
Members of the local minority community claimed on September 9, 2014, JCB machines were brought to plough the graveyard.
Graveyards in Saddad, Karranah, Sehla, Abu Saiba and Buri have been affected.
The festival, which is observed throughout the night, sees a lot of activity in the Muslim graveyards and later, at mosques.
On graveyard services, Al Rumaithi said the municipality made several improvements by completing the external and internal roads leading to the graveyard, parking spaces for non-Muslims and fencing of the graveyards in Abu Dhabi Islands with barbed wire, Umm Al Nar and the old Al Bateen graveyard.
The children were forced to live in the graveyard after being chased out of their homes by other villagers.
Unfortunately, with illness and work commitments, part of the graveyard has been neglected from necessity.
Summary: MAKKAH: The National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) has urged municipal authorities in Makkah to take urgent steps to protect the sanctity of some graveyards that it says are being slowly ruined in the holy city, Al-Madinah newspaper reported on Thursday.
The graveyard is located in Al Foa'a district some 15km away north of downtown.
A GRAVEYARD worker secretly sold off plots for cash for a DECADE, a court heard yesterday.