gravity drainage system

building gravity drainage system

A building-drainage system which drains by gravity into the building sewer.
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Within the framework of the subject of the contract, The following works must be performed: - gravity drainage system dn200 - 2996.
At this time, however, no such gravity drainage system exists, according to IAF President/CEO Carvin DiGiovanni.
The THAI technology offers a number of advantages over the current steam-assisted gravity drainage system for heavy oil recovery, including 70 to 80 percent higher potential resource recovery, lower production and capital costs, minimal usage of natural gas and fresh water, the possibility of a partially upgraded crude oil product and significantly lower greenhouse emissions.
The end of the existing gravity drainage system is at Bailey Lake in Woodbury.
Currently, a section found in Appendix G of the International Code Council's 2003 code states that every pool should have either an ASME-approved safety vacuum release system or an "approved" gravity drainage system.
Even without the state-of-the-art computerized support system installed for the Atlanta Braves, this pipe works as an efficient gravity drainage system, both flat, and on end, that will permit water to drain quickly.
concluded that a gravity drainage system had already proven inadequate and that the system would have to include both gravity storm drain systems and stormwater pumping.
Development of two gravity drainage systems on the airfield to improve removal of water in case of flooding.
Pools with multiple drains or gravity drainage systems do not have to replace their covers.
All pools that have a single main drain, other than an unblockable drain, must be provided with one or more additional devices or systems designed to prevent suction entrapment, such as safety vacuum release systems, suction limiting vents, gravity drainage systems or automatic pump shut-offs