Gravity Survey

gravity survey

[′grav·əd·ē ′sər‚vā]
The measurement of the differences in gravity force at two or more points.

Gravity Survey


a method of measuring the force of gravity in drill holes by means of gravimeters in order to determine the mean density values of rocks at different depths in their natural bed. Changes in density are associated with the lithology of the rocks and, in a number of cases, may indicate directly the location of a mineral deposit (oil, gas. coal, rock salt, ore bodies). The combined use of gravity and electrical surveys permits greater reliability in differentiating geologic profiles, determing rock porosity, and so on.

Measurement of the gravitational attraction of a rock stratum, the density of which is determined by gravity surveying, also ensures greater accuracy in the interpretation of gravity anomalies that show up as a result of surface gravimeter surveys, especially in studies of the deep structure of the earth’s crust.

Gravity surveying is conducted with gravimeters adapted for measuring increases in the pull of gravity in drill holes. The gravimeter is operated by remote control, and readings are taken from a control panel on the earth’s surface. The results of the density measurements are presented in tables and graphs. With several drill holes located on the same profile, charts are compiled showing lines of equal density values (isodenses) in a vertical plane passing through these drill holes. When drill holes are spaced out over a surface area, isodense charts on horizontal planes for different stratigraphic horizons may be compiled in addition to the vertical-plane isodense charts.


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Approximately 70% of the ground gravity survey was completed in the fall, and has identified a potential target.
The company also contracted for a ground-based gravity survey to start on or about August 21.
Aurora Flight Sciences' Centaur optionally-piloted aircraft (OPA) is supporting NOAA's new airborne gravity survey efforts to collect gravity measurements across the Unites States for the Redefinition for the American Vertical Datum (GRAV-D) program, the company said.
As the uncertainty of GPS height determination could reach up to 10 cm (see the end of previous section), the gravity survey point could have an additional error of 0.
The ground gravity survey confirmed the Company's initial interpretation of this region with a number of discrete residual gravity anomalies defined within and around the southern margin of the intrusive complex.
The gravity survey has been carried out in the Bagh and adjoining areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir to delineate the subsurface structural elements and thickness of crust.
As an initial step, Renaissance intends to commence a detailed gravity survey to complement existing geophysical coverage and assist in drill target definition.
The company used the results of the previous gravity survey to place the CSAMT survey lines over two deep zones in the central portions of the Clayton Deep basin.
Exploration activities completed to-date include geologic mapping, soil and rock geochemical acquisition and sampling, a detailed gravity survey and reconnaissance drilling.
The gravity survey in BL-32 was located along the western extension of the Andrew Lake fault, the mineralized trend which hosts the Andrew and End deposits (Areva), and several of Cameco's new discoveries.
The locations all lie within the area of the main gravity anomaly identified during the gravity survey of Paymaster Canyon completed in early June 2010.