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Only the bottom half of a grease cup was set into the big end of the rod, as is quite common.
The bearings on the running gear all had grease cups for lubrication.
The vehicle has 30 grease cups that have to be filled on a regular basis, but Mr.
This is probably an early 1920s plow, as grease cups lubricate it.
Oilers and grease cups were gone as well as some ignition parts." It took the better part of a year to get the engine running again.
When I got there, kids had gotten into it and pulled off some of the grease cups, and the housing for the windstacker fan had rusted out.
So, 45 minutes later, with the grease cups and lubricator filled and priming fuel in the cylinders, I cranked up the 1630 Rumely.
Some manufacturers used screw-plunger-type grease cups to send lube into bushings and bearings, but the Alemite Co.
The 6-12 had grease cups instead of grease zerks for oil and grease points, but they were rotted off.