greater than

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greater than

">" ASCII character 62.

Common names: ITU-T: greater than; ket ("<" = bra); right angle; right angle bracket; right broket. Rare: into, toward; write to; blow ("<" = suck); gozinta; out; zap (all from Unix I/O redirection); INTERCAL: right angle.

See also less than.
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For injection machines under 1000 tons clamp capacity, 42% of the respondents predict dollar value growth of their custom automotive business to be in the 1-to-25% range, while 36% predict greater than 25% growth, 13% predict no change, and 9% predict a decrease.
A's unused grandfathered amount is greater than the present value of a life annuity.
Similarly, it is possible to prove that the discrepancy in spendable dollars at retirement widens if the comparable rate of return in both plans is higher than 6%, or when the tax rate before and after retirement in both plans is greater than 25%, and vice versa.
Arp of the Max Planck Institute for Physics and Astrophysics in Garching, West Germany, and Geoffrey Burgidge of the University of California, San Diego, that's enough to assume a possible physical association between the two ojects -- even though the quasar has a redshift some 40 times greater than the Virgo cloud, suggesting a vast distance separates the two.
The NNIS risk index assigns one point to patients with an ASA score [is greater than or equal to] 3.
Experiments involving short exposure intervals indicated that the earliest bioreduction changes began between 2 hr to 4 hr at doses [is greater than or equal to] [10.sup.-7]% BT product/target cell or ~ [10.sup.7] Dt.
Traditionally, verification seismologists have concentrated their studies on lower frequencies, since the high frequencies don't survive the teleseismic (greater than 2,000 kilometers) distances to which scientists had been politically constrained.
In the National Reference Center in France, the diagnosis of acute infection is supported by IgG phase II [is greater than or equal to] 1:200, IgM phase II [is greater than or equal to] 1:50; and of chronic disease, IgG phase I [is greater than or equal to] 1:800 (11).
Dallas, TX, January 25, 2019 --( Established by Greater Than Gatsby as part of a new initiative to establish a channel of support for the next generation, The Greater Than Gatsby Annual Scholarship supports the future of visual art and content creators.
There was no difference in lymphocyte densities within various tumour sub-types (all p-values greater than 0.05).
Eighteen samples were both EtS and EtG positive; EtG concentrations (19-103716 ng/g) were 3.3-2151 times greater than EtS concentrations (2.8-408 ng/g), with a median 285.3 EtG/EtS ratio.

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