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The green PC was developed to satisfy customer requirements for both private and commercial use.
Organisations that are tempted to cut back on green PC initiatives as part of wider IT cost-cutting efforts may find themselves out of pocket in the near- to mid-term.
Piloting of the new green PC service is projected to start in early 2008, ready for use in late 2 009.
Beat officer for Stoke Green PC Pete McCosker said: "It's rare we get so many vehicles vandalised in one swoop.
Steven Anzovin, author of The Green PC, a paperback bible for conscientious computing, suggests that you turn off your system - or at least your monitor, printer and desk lights, all of which use more power than does the computer - "every time you get up from your desk.
The major features of Honch International's green PC cases include:
As the recession ebbs and the economy strengthens, the burgeoning global green PC and server hardware market will be spurred by a number of key trends, which include growing electrical demand; constraints on corporate data space, power requirements and costs; and a lower cost of ownership for green computing products that can help cost-constrained corporations keep more green in their wallets over the long term.
Gyves, formerly co-chair of the National Litigation Steering Committee at Epstein Becker & Green PC, focuses his national practice on the litigation, arbitration and mediation of complex business disputes.