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"When we initially challenged ourselves to create the Green Flash version of a flagship Belgian, the process started by asking, 'What would Green Flash be if we were brewing in Belgium 80 years ago?," says brewery co-founder Mike Hinkley.
"I'm very excited to have brand new, custom-built, state-of-the-art brewing equipment to brew on in our new facility in San Diego," said Green Flash Brewmaster, Chuck Silva.
Green Flash produced 13,000 barrels on this system last year and expects to brew close to 15,000 barrels this year.
Bronze: Green Flash Extra Pale Ale, Green Flash Brewing Co., Vista, CA
One old theory, that the green flash might be nothing more than a complementary-color afterimage of the setting Sun, has been refuted by photographs of the flash and by sightings of a similar phenomenon at sunrise.
A green flash at the last second of a sunset, caused by short wavelengths being refracted higher than long ones, is a famous though rarely seen phenomenon.
Questions are the core of this ensemble, and they run the range from "What is the green flash?" and "How many rings does Saturn have?" to "Why does an egg stand on its end on the equinox?" and "What is space made of?" I too answer a lot of questions from the public, so I appreciate the patience, honesty, and conciseness of Sten Odenwald's answers, some with the admission that no one knows - or that he doesn't know!
Catching a green flash at sunset on Hawaii's Kona Coast is a local custom almost as popular as catching a wave.
At sunset, Cabo Da Roca is the place to view the Green Flash - a meteorological optical illusion where a green dot appears to hover above the setting sun.
More than ever, craft breweries will need to be hyper-focused on consumer trends and look to innovate on these insights," says Ben Widseth, vice president of marketing for Green Flash Brewing Co.
GREEN FLASH Buveur D'Air can get back to winning ways