green monitor

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That model had a flattened wedge-shaped case, built-in, century-old Qwerty keyboard, and an amber or green monitor.
The XA10 also features Canon's Edge Monitor Focus Assist system, which displays a green monitor at the bottom of the LCD.
LONDON -- In response to a public spat among anti-palm oil NGOs in Malaysia, UK-based Progressive Vision Director and Green Monitor Campaign Founder Shane Frith released the following statement:
In addition, Retrevo's Product Advisor shopping service now makes it easier to identify green gadgets, such as the green laptops, green monitors and netbooks.
Lenovo has paved the way in energy efficient computing with a broad portfolio of green monitors, including the ThinkVision L2440x wide monitor, which has an LED backlit display that consumes less power than traditional displays, uses 30 percent post-consumer materials and is low halogen.
Green monitors credit and foreign exchange markets, Sony's U.
Go Green monitors use up to 25 per cent less energy and offer reduced carbon dioxide emissions of up to 25 per cent and an impressive mercury emission reduction of up to 50 per cent.
The Go Green monitors consume nearly 25 per cent less energy and offer lower carbon dioxide emissions of up to 25 per cent and as much as 50 per cent mercury emission reduction, said the company official.