green movement

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Green movement

Emerged as a combination of all previous environmental movements, such as Greenpeace (1971) and other global green organizations. See Greenpeace.
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green movement

a social movement whose prime concern is with ecological issues (see ECOLOGY). While this is broad-based, encompassing concern over environmental pollution, preservation of wildlife and of the traditional countryside, and the control of building development, the movement has a strong political wing which has been a powerful lobby during the 1980s. The Green Party has been most in evidence in West Germany and Holland, only emerging significantly in the UK in the late 1980s, with the renaming of the Ecology Party. However, many supporters would not regard their allegiance as conventionally political, but as based on practical issues with which they can be directly involved, through their purchasing habits, their leisure pursuits, or by contributing to conservation bodies.
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Such crackdowns have been a familiar tactic in Iran since 2009, when authorities blocked access to Twitter and Facebook in an attempt to quash the Green Movement. But those efforts led tech-savvy protesters toward digital tricks that can evade censorship, kicking off an ongoing game of technological cat and mouse.
The Green Movement, making it a point not to use taqiya, has been violently repressed since June 2009 and side-lined.
The Green MOVEment benefits the Cambantoc Reforestation Project, a six-year-old MIIS endeavor that helps in the replanting and maintenance of trees in the Laguna watershed, promote environmental literacy in public schools, and fund the school communitys Green School Movement projects.
BEIRUT: Lebanon's General Security banned from theaters an Iranian film that focuses on the 2009 "Green Movement," the director of the Cultural Resistance International Film Festival of Lebanon told The Daily Star over the weekend.
Thus the "reprogrammed" (7) handprint emphasizes the double-digit gesture of victory by depicting it in the Green Movement's emblematic color, in effect signifying a hoped-for triumph for Musavi and his supporters.
The LGPI is a public institution, established and financed by private individuals who are involved in the green movement. I can't, however, mention their names without their consent.
Klamath Falls, OR, March 18, 2012 --( Precision Structural Engineering is one of the major forerunners in the green movement. The company truly understands that in order to "build green," construction must take place without destruction.
The Green Movement in Iran is edited and introduced by Navid Nikzadfar and is a pick for any collection strong in Iran's culture and politics.
We hope to bring a whole new generation into the green movement and Irish politics."
THERE is little doubt that the green movement has developed all the signs of a fanatical religion, where no one (particularly politicians) dare question its strict self-censorship, where doubts and deviations from perceived group consensus are not to be expressed.
International criticism of Iran's human rights practices predates and transcends the crackdown against the Green Movement. Table 3, which discusses the regime's record on a number of human rights issues, is based largely on the latest State Department human rights report (for 2010: April 8, 2011) (11) and State Department International Religious Freedom report (for 2010: November 17, 2010).

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