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1. an illness or disease
2. nausea or queasiness
3. the state or an instance of being sick
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What does it mean when you dream about sickness?

See Illness.

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However, once the farmers are exposed and contract green tobacco sickness, the onus of their health cannot fall entirely on them when they are catering to an international multibillion dollar industry that generated USD 346 billion in 2016.A significant solution would be to put policies in place requiring the leaf buyers to cater to the safety and medical needs of farmers.
McBride et al,, "Green Tobacco Sickness," Tobacco Control 7, 3 (1998): 294.
Tobacco use in its various forms is directly responsible for increase in cardiovascular diseases, cancers of oral cavity, lungs, esophagus, pharynx etc.and chronic obstructive lung diseases, TB, poor reproductive health outcomes and Green tobacco sickness.prevalence of TB is about 3 times as great among the ever smokers as among the never smokers and number of smoking related deaths from TB is 10 times higher than the number of smoking related deaths from lung cancer.