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common name for any of several species of carnivorous, spiny-finned fishes of the family Hexagrammidae, common in the Pacific Ocean, especially in the waters N of Monterey, Calif. Greenlings have fleshy flaps on the top of the head. They are found in kelp beds and among rocks, and are also called rock trout. Several species grow to a length of 20 in. (50 cm) and are valued as game fishes. Most important of the greenlings is the Okhotsk atka mackerel, found in the Sea of Okhotsk; it is a handsome food fish with striking vertical stripes, as is the closely related atka mackerel of Alaska. The ling cod, found from Alaska to Baja California, is a popular game and food fish. The kelp greenling is unusual in that the male and female exhibit different coloration and markings, a rare phenomenon among fish. Greenlings are classified in the phylum ChordataChordata
, phylum of animals having a notochord, or dorsal stiffening rod, as the chief internal skeletal support at some stage of their development. Most chordates are vertebrates (animals with backbones), but the phylum also includes some small marine invertebrate animals.
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, subphylum Vertebrata, class Actinopterygii, order Scorpaeniformes, family Hexagrammidae.
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Greenling customers shop online for such products as produce, dairy, meat and baked goods, as well as packaged goods.
The Hemiphlebia damselfly or Ancient greenling Hemiphlebia mirabilis Selys (Odonata: Hemiphlebiidae) occurs on a few small seasonal wetlands in Victoria, and it is found in southern South Australia, Flinders Island, and northeastern Tasmania.
Among the 27 original prey types, Black and Yellowtail Rockfish; medium-size Chinook and Coho Salmon; small Chinook, Chum, Sockeye, and Pink Salmon; young Pacific Herring aged 0 to 1 and Pacific Sand Lance; and Kelp Greenling, Pacific Staghorn Sculpin, and Starry Flounder were combined to reduce discriminant analysis misclassification among prey classes (Table 2).
The Fisheries Agency said that though overall contamination levels in fishes near the surface and at medium depths have been declining, but, relatively high levels of radioactive Cesium continue to be detected in bottom fish, such as greenling and flounder, and in fresh water fish regardless of their usual depth, it added.
MCGEE 1981 Gene flow among populations of a teleost (painted greenling, Oxylebius pictus) from Puget Sound to southern California.
If you'd like to try your luck for bottomfish such as greenling, halibut, lingcod, and rockfish, take one of the charter boats that go out year-round, weather permitting.
Second, Palmer suggests that kelp greenling prey upon C.
The greenling measuring 38 centimeters in length and weighing 564 grams was caught near a water intake of the four reactor units in the power station's port on Feb.
SENDAI - Their scales a bright golden hue, male greenling are busy protecting eggs from predators during spawning season for the fish known in Japanese as ''ainame'' in the Pacific Ocean off Japan's northeastern prefecture of Miyagi.
The commission adopted the regulations for the 2010 commercial nearshore fishery for species such as rockfish, cabezon and greenling. The regulations prohibit the retention of green sturgeon in commercial fisheries.
On a typical morning, you'll find fishmongers offering crab, mackerel, rockfish, greenling, and sea bass.