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With this approach, the location of the greenstick fracture is predetermined.
SIMPLE, COMPOUND AND GREENSTICK FRACTURES 6 Simple fracture The ends of the broken bone don't break the skin.
Greenstick fracture of the mandible: A case report.
Greenstick fracture: If a long bone in the arm or leg bends, it may crack on one side, producing an incomplete break called a greenstick fracture.
If your doctor suspects a greenstick fracture (not a clean break, but a break nonetheless) he or she will refer him to the nearest hospital for an X-ray and to have the leg put into plaster.
Since Monteggia fractures in children are mostly incomplete greenstick fractures, reduction and maintenance are easy to perform.
Long bone fractures are typically classified by their shape complexity, locations, such as transverse, oblique, spiral, comminuted, compression, and greenstick fractures, and so forth [1].