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grees, gre, greese, gryse

In medieval architecture, a step or flight of steps.
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Mosquitoes very bad, had to greese the dogs in the middle of the night.
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He apologizes for his accurate description of Plough Monday customs, in which the plough boys "get ready not with white shirts & ribons but to black their faces with a mixture of soot & greese": "I am sorry to bring a dirty reality so near your poetical descript[ion] of plough monday" (qtd.
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Melt the butter, lard and syrup in a pan then add to the dry ingredients.Mix well until it reaches a dough constituency.Roll into balls (don't press down) and place on baking tray (do not greese).Place in the oven at 160 degrees for 12-15 minutes.
13 Mamma Mia (Arts--Musicals): Greese (Arts--Musicals):
(6.) For a detailed discussion of the kakawin genre and its links to pre-Islamic Java, see Helen Greese, 'The Balinese Kakawin Tradition: A Preliminary Description and Inventory', Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde (henceforth BKI), 155, 1 (1999): 45-96.
Supporters of the plan are looking to the Netherlands and Spain to support the proposal and hope Greese and Italy can be persuaded to drop their opposition in return for concessions on the way chocolate bars are labeled.
Tenders are invited for Supply and delivery of maintenance materials 6217 skf bearing, bearing greese, hard create, recondition of heavy damaged impellers, new shaft, ms pipes, gear boxes etc., at koilsagar wsis in mahabubnagar municipality
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Raw Material under cluster Group Syestem,Adjustable set square vih Beel Edge 30Cm,AXLE BOOT GREESE.