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We share, for instance, the value of universal suffrage, basic in terms of the modern Democratic States, peace (although as a regulating and not a constitutive value), liberty (albeit never being fully accomplished, since no human being lives alone in the world, rather human beings coexist gregariously, the liberty of one being affected by the liberty of others).
The height of danger to the protagonist comes when they reach the were-goat spawning ground where monstrous hybrids of many different kinds gather gregariously. In this hidden mountain valley, Sorvello, Guru makes her power and dominance known to Giovancarlo.
Wasps in the genus Meliltobia (Eulophidae) are small (1.0-1.5 mm), gregariously developing idiobionts, which parasitize many species of solitary bees and wasps and their nest cohabitants (Matthews et al., 2009).
Larvae feed gregariously on mature needles during April and leave conspicuous orange-brown wisps of midveins on damaged shoots (McGregor and Sandin, 1968).
The men and women quickly separate-the men trading jokes and stories, laughing gregariously, the women talking quietly and seriously in a tight circle.
It was interesting, therefore, on a recent foray to Dom Dom Saddle at the top of Black Spur (north-east of Melbourne in the Yarra Ranges National Park) to find another white coral fungus growing gregariously in grass, not in native habitat, but under a conifer (Spruce, Picea sp.).
gregariously participates in the activity of the world, lending its imagination to things in order to see them more fully....
People prefer to live in the crowded parts of the Istanbul gregariously. But they can't escape loneliness there."