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Pink-footed geese and greylag geese use all three sites in the autumn, and they are both quarry species in Norway as well as in Denmark.
estimating the population size of breeding Greylag Geese (Kristiansen 1997), green algal mats in the Skagerrak (Pihl et al.
Forced to flee the farmyard he meets Greylag the goose, Lowbutt the hen, Queenie the cat and cheerful Bullfrog, who teach him that he must learn to accept himself.
It was a dawn encounter with Greylag Geese - thousands of them - that had created such an unforgettable impact.
A shift in molting area of greylag geese (Anser anser) in southern Sweden was linked to an increase in population size, possibly because the carrying capacity of the traditional molting site had been reached (Nilsson et al.
Similarly, in Swedish folklore the northern lights were said to be greylag geese beating their wings.
strepera), greylag goose (Anser anser), pochard (Aythya ferina), and coot (Fulica atra).
Fully half of the greylag geese who spent the Winter in this area of Andalusia have returned to Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands seriously contaminated with the heavy metals.
Angus, 74, has been licensed by the Scottish Agricultural College and the Duke of Argyll to reduce the growing numbers of Greylag geese which are reaching "plague" proportions' on the tiny Inner Hebridean island of Tiree.
Lishman adapted techniques that Austrian ethologist Konrad Lorenz pioneered with greylag geese in the 1930s: He conditioned the goslings to the sounds of his voice and the aircraft's engine while they were hatching and trained them to run and eventually fly behind his 250- pound plane.
1997) determined that Greylag geese (Anser anser) fed on rhizomes and winter buds of the graminoids Scirpus maritimus and Spartina anglica in tidal marshes in Germany and the Netherlands.
The prosecution told how Buster, who has since been castrated, set about the greylag goose during an early morning walk in the royal park on Easter Monday.