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Grid Coordinates


in geodesy, pairs of numbers that determine the position of points in the plane of a geodetic projection. Grid coordinates are used in the numerical processing of the results of geodetic measurements, in the compilation of topographic maps, and in the practical application of topographic maps and geodetic data.

The Gauss-Krüger projection is used in the USSR and a number of other countries. It is a conformal projection of the terrestrial ellipsoid onto a plane such that the central meridian is represented by a straight line, which is the axis of symmetry of the projection. There are no distortions on the central meridian. Separate zones of the terrestrial ellipsoid that are bounded by two meridians are mapped in the plane of the Gauss-Krüger projection. The central meridian of the zone and the equator are represented by lines in the plane, which taken as the axes of the abscissas and the ordinates, respectively, of the grid coordinates. The abscissas of the points representing the central meridian are equal to the arcs of meridian from the equator to the points; the ordinates of the points are zero.


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grid coordinates

Coordinates of a grid coordinate system to which numbers and letters are assigned to designate a point on a gridded map, photograph, or chart. The system facilitates the conversion of latitude and longitude and other earth measures on a flat sheet by a routine plane survey. See grid (iii).
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'Sir, I gave you my grid coordinates, just bomb us,' Dureza said, quoting Bayot's message to his officer.
Aside from forwarding the grid coordinates of the beleaguered SAF commandos, NapeAaAaAeA~as said he also forwarded these to PNP officer-in-charge Depu Director General Leonardo Espina, who, in turn, forwarded the same to military Western Mindanao Command (Wesmincom) chief Lt.
Grid coordinates of the landmarks are provided (some partial, see Figure 3), as well as a story of two pirates and their journey in search of treasure.
Being designed for vehicle, it can provide grid coordinates of the fire source if it is coupled to an inertial and/or GPS navigation system, and it can obviously be integrated with the remote control weapon, adding a slue-to-cue capability.
Secondly, the grid coordinates directly reflect the measurement of distance.
The official said his department will soon launch the facility to send the grid coordinates of locations via sms as well.
Unlike its military rotary-wing cousins, the Lakota also will be able to navigate by street addresses rather than grid coordinates.
When he returns, he might not remember the name of the neighborhood where a shooting occurred or the grid coordinates to a drop-off point.
If troops face resistance, the Shadow is able to relay information such as grid coordinates on enemy locations, Bramlett said.
"I gave the name of the village, grid coordinates, photos and posted video, and published names of Iraqi and American officials who were very easy to reach.
The authors and a photographer spent 16 days in Vietnam using map grid coordinates gleaned from Army radio logs to pinpoint exact locations of the transgressions, interviewed Vietnamese eyewitnesses, Tiger Force veterans, and Army investigators, and examined thousands of documents." IKE SEAMANS