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spur, 1
1. An appendage to a supporting structure, as a shore, prop, or buttress; a decorative appendage of the base of a round column resting on a square or polygonal plinth, set at the corners, and taking the form of a grotesque, a tongue, or leafwork. Also called a griffe.
2. A spere.
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LA GRIFFE Maker: Emerson Knives (310) 539-5633 Value: $129.95
Le club lyonnais ajoute qu'il entend bien se deplacer avec son propre bus, griffe a ses couleurs, rejetant une demande en ce sens du prefet [beaucoup moins que] afin d'eviter les eventuels jets de projectiles [beaucoup plus grand que], selon l'arrete cite par l'OL.
Shopping centers, lojas de roupas de griffe, vinhos, navios de cruzeiro, hoteis luxuosos e centros de tratamento de beleza servem de cenario para brasileiros que "sabem o que querem e por isso sabem desfrutar da vida".
Bulgari Bridal Collection encompasses a wide range of styles: Spiga, Torcello, Giudecca, Corona, 1503, Griffe, Marryme.
| Returning to Wales after a year's absence to sing all week at the New Theatre, Cardiff, Shirley stands at the piano as she tries one of her numbers with Griffe Lewis, pianist, and theatre manager Mr Reg Phillips on September 15, 1958
In Asva sind unter den Geweihobjekten auch einige Griffe oder Hefte von Messern und anderen Geraten aus Metall, Silex oder Quarz.
The vehicle is based on the range-topping 208 Griffe and is equipped with a 1.6-litre Flex engine and an automatic transmission.
La Griffe d'Ours is an outfitter and a friend of mine I've hunted with a few times and have been very pleased.
Which player has hit the most home runs in All-St Game history with six: Frank Robinson, Ken Griffe Jr., Stan Musial, Hank Aaron or Harmon Killebrew?