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spur, 1
1. An appendage to a supporting structure, as a shore, prop, or buttress; a decorative appendage of the base of a round column resting on a square or polygonal plinth, set at the corners, and taking the form of a grotesque, a tongue, or leafwork. Also called a griffe.
2. A spere.
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A tribute to refined elegance, this classic style allows the precision and beauty of the solitaire diamond to assert itself: Griffe Collection diamonds come in a variety of cuts, from emerald to brilliant to heart-shaped.
Aus Geweih wurden Hacken, Ardspitzen, Harpunen, Griffe fur Gerate oder Waffen, Loffel, Knopfe und vieles mehr erzeugt, und die Bandbreite an aus Knochenmaterialien hergestellten Objekten in Asva ist merklich kleiner.
La Griffe d'Ours is an outfitter and a friend of mine I've hunted with a few times and have been very pleased.
Which player has hit the most home runs in All-St Game history with six: Frank Robinson, Ken Griffe Jr.
Currently, the word Creole also has an ethnic meaning: it can mean a mixed-race people--people also known historically as mulatto, griffe, quadroon, or octoroon--and these are persons who perhaps speak Creole and who generally have the same religion and customs as the Cajuns.
After his divorce Roger married again while Sallie became a star model for Paris fashion designer Jacques Griffe.
The high society star with a 19in waist graced the cover of Vogue and was sought after by top fashion designers Christian Dior, Jean Patou and Jacques Griffe.
Summary: The Grand Ellipse and La Griffe collections mark the first time the watches will bear the Mouawad brand name
He went on to describe the other collections, the Grande Ellipse which features 18 models ranging from the more formal diamond-studded or plain rose gold Royales, to the bi-colour rose gold and stainless steel Sport Villes, and a collection of ladies Swiss quartz watches called La Griffe, each set with four diamonds or coloured gemstones, colourful mother-of-pearl dials and matching straps.
Ha cerca de dois anos, o convite para mesa-redonda destinada a comemorar os 80 anos dos Annales, levou-me a preparacao de texto, propositadamente polemico, ja publicado, em que pretendia argumentar que a griffe deixada por Lucien Febvre e Marc Bloch, ainda que tivesse assegurado um inedito prestigio para a historia, acabara por desvia-la do lugar que o mundo moderno parecia atribuir-lhe (NEVES 2011, p.
TIMES, May 17, 2010, at A3 (where the Supreme Court upheld the continued incarceration of sex offenders until they are no longer dangerous); Griffe Witte & Karen DeYoung, Pakistan Holding Thousands' in indefinite Detention, Officials Say, WASH.