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A talisman of Voodoo that can be made for positive or negative purposes. One common form is a bag containing a variety of objects, although sometimes it is in the form of a cloth poppet stuffed with items. There are always an odd number of items, up to thirteen total. Items typically stuffed into the gris-gris include herbs, stones, feathers, hair, nail clippings, bones, and dust.

In West Africa, the word juju is used instead of gris-gris, although this may simply be a European variation of the native word grou-grou, which more probably is the origin of gris-gris.

It is important to note that gris-gris is a part of Voodoo, not Witchcraft. Witches are more likely to use actual talismans, amulets, and poppets in their magic.

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He looks chiefly to Allah, who, on the one hand is "not obliged to be fair about all the things he does here on earth" and, on the other, "never leaves empty a mouth he has created." In light of this paradox, Birahima falls back on grigris, which, according to his glossary, are protective amulets made of "paper inscribed with magical incantation kept in a small leather purse." In the novel, soldiers and "warlords" drape themselves in grigris, which fail only due to the wearer's personal deficiency.
Henri Pichette (21 November 1947) pistons up into a void, tack-like sailboats race his shredding neck, his eyes are grigris, his face is responsible for its own demolition and without title to completion, face swept by derricks, cranes, the metalurgy of material encasement
Actualites Eecrit par Mohammed Bakrim Grigris de Mahamat Saleh Haroun, presente a Casablanca Sur une initiative de l'Institut francais, le cineaste tchadien Mahamat Saleh Haroun a ete invite pour une tournee au Maroc pour presenter son nouveau film, Grigris.
Le Tchad aura de grandes ambitions avec Grigris de Mahamat Salah Haroun, selection officielle a Cannes 2013 et ayant egalement concouru aux Oscars.
Logline: Grigris, who dreams of being a dancer despite a paralyzed leg, goes to work for an illegal gasoline-trafficking ring when his uncle falls critically ill.