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a young salmon that returns to fresh water after one winter in the sea



a male salmon in spawning livery. The jaws are elongated, with the upper one being curved and the lower having a claw. Large teeth appear on the jaws and tongue. The body is covered with irregularly shaped reddish and yellowish spots.

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The fish moved steadily up the pool and as I applied some pressure in anticipation of landing what I imagined was a smallish fish, I quickly realised this was no grilse.
On the Ford and Etal Estates beats on the River Till, stocks of salmon and grilse have been pretty good.
QUIET MAN: Co Antrim Movie star and fisherman Liam Neeson shows off one of the two grilse he caught at Galway Weir Salmon Fishery; FISHING FAN: Actor Timothy Dalton; STRIKER: Soccer coach Jack Charlton
Missing bits of relevant information include the whereabouts of genetically-programmed grilse during their single sea winter.
The pencil-thin grilse that have been taken in some UK rivers are a source of grave concern.
We are optimistic that salmon and grilse will return if action is taken to stop the escalating predation of salmon by seals.
Usually after a year in the ocean, what were once smolts return to these rivers as plump four to six pound grilse.
Steve Sanderson fished TAS Holmegate fishing on the Eden landing a 5lb grilse and a 2lb sea-trout.
A spokesman for Berwick Salmon Company said catches of both salmon and grilse had been poor and another worrying aspect was the quality of the fish, which were much smaller than usual.
Other rivers like the Tawe, Usk, Rheidol and Dee have also experienced a dramatic improvement in the salmon and grilse runs this autumn.
Jeff Johnson landed an 11lb 2oz salmon on fly while Paul Nelson caught a 6lb grilse.
We then noticed diminishing grilse runs, and then the unthinkable - the autumn run - began to go down the tubes.