grinding mill

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grinding mill

[′grīn·diŋ ‚mil]
A lathe designed for lapidary work.
(mechanical engineering)
A machine consisting of a rotating cylindrical drum, that reduces the size of particles of ore or other materials fed into it; three main types are ball, rod, and tube mills.
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Grinding mill

A machine that reduces the size of particles of raw material fed into it. The size reduction may be to facilitate removal of valuable constituents from an ore or to prepare the material for industrial use, as in preparing clay for pottery making or coal for furnace firing. Coarse material is first crushed.

Grinding mills are of three principal types, as shown in the illustration. In ring-roller pulverizers, the material is fed past spring-loaded rollers. The rolling surfaces apply a slow large force to the material as the bowl or other container revolves. The fine particles may be swept by an air stream up out of the mill. In tumbling mills the material is fed into a shell or drum that rotates about its horizontal axis. The attrition or abrasion between particles grinds the material. The grinding bodies may be flint pebbles, steel balls, metal rods lying parallel to the axis of the drum, or simply larger pieces of the material itself. In hammer mills, driven swinging hammers reduce the material by sudden impacts. See Crushing and pulverizing, Pebble mill, Tumbling mill

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Representatives from DENR-EMB Calabarzon served a cease and desist order to Mabini Grinding Mill Corporation (Holcim Philippines Inc.) a cement manufacturing plant in Mabini, Batangas for non compliance of Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC).
In that regard, Company Secretary Waqar Naeem notified the stock exchange on Wednesday that Pioneer Cement had enhanced the capacity of its grinding mills to 345 tons per hour.
has commissioned Loesche with the delivery of two vertical roller grinding mills for the new INVECEM Industria Venezolana del Cemento plant in Monay, Venezuela.
In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Wednesday, Lafarge said this new grinding mill would have the capacity to produce 850,000 tons of cement per annum, with target commissioning date in the second quarter of 2015.
The Kenwood True Blender BL480 600W model has a 2L family sized goblet, and a metal lined grinding mill ideal for spices and herbs to make preparing spice mixes and pastes even simpler, a statement said.
UK-based investment holding company Consolidated General Minerals (LON:CGM), or CGM, has agreed to set up a joint venture with Italian cement maker Cal.Me SpA for the construction and operation of a clinker grinding mill and cement packing facility in Mozambique.
The equipment includes a primary gyratory crusher, an autogenous grinding mill and three vertical grinding mills.
11 at the Tose Respite Center in Harare tending a garden, assisting with grinding mill operations and cooking for and playing with resident children.
Shropshire-based Pimhill Farm - run by Ginny Mayall and husband Ian Anderson - has used a pounds 23,000 Rural Enterprise grant to help bring forward recent expansion plans that have seen it replace two vertical stones from the 1950s with a new stone grinding mill.
Union Process has produced a special version of its Q-03 laboratory-sized circulation grinding mill for a customer in the ink market.
It also has a cement grinding mill in Ciwandan, Banten.
AWARRINGTON company, which has recently broken into two of the most difficult export markets with its ink grinding mill, has been crowned with a prestigious award.