grip length

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bond length

Obsolete term for development length.
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The standard Cougar is a genuine compact, in overall length if not in grip length, with a 3.6" barrel.
The grips are thin and do not increase the grip length at all.
Due to the limited capacity and grip length of the latter, the Taran Tactical plus-two extensions not only bump capacity to eight rounds, but also provide a much needed extention to the grip, providing a noticeable Increase In control.
This also applies to pistols with a short grip length. The revolver has similar problems of size, weight and felt recoil from .38 Special and larger calibers.
If you want a smaller frame, as in a shorter grip length, the P320 grip modules come in full-size and compact versions.
Magazine capacity in .40 S&W went from 12+1 to 16+1 with only a .7-inch increase in grip length. The grip on the P-07 wasn't small before, but now even the most ham-fisted shooters out there will be able to get their mitts on the grip with ease.
Additionally, the frame is undercut beneath the trigger guard, which helps to compensate for the shorter grip length.
Instead of having an acute angle at the base of the grip-frame as is typical of full-size M1911s, the rear corner is rounded for comfort, but does not reduce or sacrifice any grip length. It is not a bobtail design as is found on many other morecompact M1911 configurations, but definitely assists in reducing the pistol's "printing" thru clothing while carrying concealed.
Additionally, having a standard grip length means that the Para-Ordnance TAC-S LDA will accept an infinite number of aftermarket grips.