grip length

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bond length

Obsolete term for development length.
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As a result, that reduction in barrel and grip length also reduces mass.
The extended grip length and finger extension do mean you'll have to be a bit more careful when you carry this gun so it doesn't print.
Diameter, grip length, and fastener integrity are all checked during the feed process.
Leather Loop Fitted Grip Length Of Loop 15 To 16 Cms.
The grip length is such that no silly two-finger hold is necessary; most everyone ought to be able to get a full and proper strong-hand grip on this gun.
One of the major problems on a concealment pistol is grip length, which is why the Glock 26, 27 and the Ruger LD9 and others are so popular.
They have mechanically "abbreviated" it and by that I mean the main features on this pistol are the shortened slide and the reduced grip length when compared to SIG's classic pistols like the SIG P226, whether the latter pistol was chambered for the 9 x 19mm cartridge or the .
A large standard puller with a 22" grip length can be floor mounted with an optional base, rafted, head only or with a special mounting available.
For the final design I used the grip from an 1851 Colt Navy cap and-ball revolver as a pattern and adjusted the grip length to accommodate my fingers comfortably against the gun's double triggers.
Tenders are invited for Adjustable Spanners Insulated With Soft Grip Length - 255Mm Generally Conforming To Is 6149-1984 Grade - Ii 1172- S-10- Chrome Plated Make - Tapariya Or Similar
Combine the Commanche upper with a frame having the same reduced grip length as that of the Colt Officer's ACP pistol and you have the Les Baer 1911 Stinger in .