grip length

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bond length

Obsolete term for development length.
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If you want a smaller frame, as in a shorter grip length, the P320 grip modules come in full-size and compact versions.
One of the major problems on a concealment pistol is grip length, which is why the Glock 26, 27 and the Ruger LD9 and others are so popular.
They have mechanically "abbreviated" it and by that I mean the main features on this pistol are the shortened slide and the reduced grip length when compared to SIG's classic pistols like the SIG P226, whether the latter pistol was chambered for the 9 x 19mm cartridge or the .
White found the grip length, off the shelf batteries, cartridge eject system and the price of the S-200 all beneficial features.
A large standard puller with a 22" grip length can be floor mounted with an optional base, rafted, head only or with a special mounting available.
Tenders are invited for Adjustable Spanner With Soft Grip Length 255 Mm Preferable Make -Taparia Or Venus Or Stillson
The magazine capacity on this reduced grip length Compact is 10 rounds, which is still more than the fabled 1911 pistol.
Kahr's standard grip length and shape fit my hand well and a small, light-weight .
They are available in single or double acting, in several handle styles, or in an adjustable grip length version.