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, flexible semiopaque connective tissue without blood vessels or nerve cells. It forms part of the skeletal system in humans and in other vertebrates, and is also known as gristle.
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Throughout much of this chapter, Bloom seems confounded by such dark riddles of his own consciousness--that is until he watches "the angry men" swill and wolf down "gobfuls" of gristly flesh (665).
The culinary medium has come a long way from the gristly burgers, flaccid chips, burnt onions and oily doughnuts served from the back of a rundown van that once characterised British street food.
Michel's |latest French "I did go to English school, and I'm afraid to say, I know exactly what gristly mince and packet mashed potato tastes like," adds the 55-year-old, who admits he's had a "bit of a head-start in life", growing up in a family where food was so important.
It's the same gristly nag I have with food stamps, the ACA [Affordable Care Act], and a myriad of other means-tested programs.
There are some pretty graphic books that I recommend relatively freely to teens because the subject matter itself is gristly. Certain books--The Painted Bird comes to mind--include lots of violence, but it comes with the territory (in this case, war-torn Eastern Europe during WWII), unlike some of the more gratuitous-feeling drugs, sex, and blood you find in other genres.
When we follow the circulation of language and ideas to the points where they get fixed in recognizable (or, more accurately, recognized) property forms--when original ownership claims are made for them--we get a somewhat different view of a world literary system, one in which the gristly roots of ideas and forms of expression seem to ignore or violate most conventional property lines.
However, it was in parts slightly gristly, and could have done with being a bit hotter when it arrived at the table.
The pork is good quality, not stringy or gristly, and as I tunnel under the noodles I discover, to my delight, a lone spring onion, crunchy and piquant.
The most intriguing feature is the bizarre, mildly humorous array of gristly, numbered "buffalo" skulls.
The gristly, hard-faced, slim-bodied Americans of the early 1930s do not even look like today's Americans.