grit trap

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catch basin

A reservoir, esp. for catching and retaining surface drainage over a large area, in which sediment may settle.
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Total quantity or scope: Approximately 3,411 tonnes per year, grit trap, for the entire contract period approximately 9381 t grit trap (average total).
Proper disposal of around 900 t to 1,250 t / year sand trap residues AVV 19 08 02 "puncture resistant material" - delivered in roll-off containers (lot 1); about 400 t to 1,100 t / year sand trap residues AVV 19 08 02 "aqueous material" - delivery in the suction / jetting truck (Lot 2); about 150 t to 350 t / year wastes not otherwise specified AVV 19 08 99 (sand like grit trap residues with sewage typical impurities, the z for maintenance as of septic tanks, etc.
Transport of sewage sludge and grit trap in containers or Kippsattelfahrzeugen the disposal point and waste disposal.
180 t screenings, grit trap 300 tonnes, 6200 tonnes of dewatered sewage sludge.
Proper acquisition (loading, transfer, transport, weighing), if necessary interim storage and disposal of dewatered sewage sludge and screenings, grit trap and waste from sewage cleaning in the period 1.
Total quantity or scope: 25 000 tonnes of sewage sludge, screenings 280 t, 120 t grit trap, 2 040 tonnes of waste from sewage cleaning (without options).
Utilization of dewatered sewage sludge, screenings, grit trap.
Of containers, acquisition, transport, weighing, if necessary, interim storage and disposal of 9900 tonnes of sewage sludge (Agriculture and thermal disposal), 330 t screenings (thermal disposal) and 198 t grit trap (disposal) during the period from 01.
Contract award: wwtp good groE-lappen, freising road and canal stations operating, maintenance, removal and utilization of computing and grit trap and of kanalrEnumgut and saugrE-ckstEnnden.
Dissipation in special skips and recycling of compute and grit trap.
Contract award: wwtp good marienhof, high street, eching, maintenance, removal and utilization of computing and grit trap.